Our Process

1. FREE On-Site Assessment

Solutions4Energy will come and evaluate your existing lighting system. We’ll properly identify what areas need upgrades and improvements. At the end of our assessment, we’ll provide you with a detailed formal energy report that allows for full transparency and understanding.

2. We Handle the Paperwork

No need to worry about filling out endless stacks of papers. Solutions4Energy handles ALL of the necessary paperwork, ensuring the easiest lighting upgrade possible.

3. Professional Lighting Installation

Our simplified turnkey installation process ensures minimum downtime and disruption to you and your commercial property. All of our products are certified and come with unique warranties that provide you with long-term protection and support. Best of all, installations are carried out by licensed and experienced lighting professionals, guaranteeing industry-standard installations, every single time.

4. Enjoy Better Lighting + Better Savings

When you choose Solutions4Energy to upgrade your commercial lighting system, you’ll enjoy endless savings and the best lighting possible for years to come.

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